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10156 E 71st St

Tulsa, Oklahoma

United States, 74133



Lowes Of S. Tulsa, OK

The rhythm of Tulsa, Oklahoma, is defined by its vibrant communities and picturesque landscapes. South Tulsa, known for its meticulously manicured gardens and lawns, is home to residents dedicated to sustainable living. Standing tall amidst this eco-conscious backdrop at 10156 E 71st St is Lowe’s Of S. Tulsa, the preferred destination for those seeking the finest in green yard maintenance. Dominating our curated selection are the advanced Greenworks electric tools, seamlessly blending power with environmental responsibility.

Crafting an Eco-Responsible Legacy with Greenworks

With Tulsa’s scenic beauty serving as a backdrop, its inhabitants recognize the importance of eco-friendly choices in their daily lives. Lowe’s Of S. Tulsa proudly hosts a vast array of Greenworks electric tools, perfectly aligned with this ethos. By harnessing cordless technology that eschews emissions and noise, these tools are a testament to the city’s commitment to maintain its natural beauty, all while treading lightly on the planet.

Spotlighting the 60V 18″ Cordless Battery Chainsaw

Step into the forefront of yard maintenance with the 60V 18″ Cordless Battery Chainsaw. Powered by Greenworks Pro 60V UltraPower™ lithium-ion battery, this chainsaw offers gas-like power, devoid of the usual noise and emissions. Its brushless motor ensures enhanced torque and swift cutting, while the easy-start system eliminates the need for pull cords. Combine that with its lightweight design and superior battery life, and you have a tool that’s both powerful and environmentally considerate.

Unveil Greenworks’ Mastery at Lowe’s Of S. Tulsa

Explore the realm of Greenworks electric tools in Oklahoma by visiting our S. Tulsa location. Whether it’s innovative chainsaws, robot mowers, or other yard maintenance marvels, we’ve got the tools to enhance your lawn care experience. Discover the future of eco-friendly yard care with Lowe’s in S. Tulsa.