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9460 Cortana Place

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

United States, 70815



Lowes Of N. Baton Rouge, LA

Step into a Greener World with Greenworks at Lowe’s Of N. Baton Rouge

At Lowe’s Of N. Baton Rouge, located at 9460 Cortana Place, we are proud to offer an extensive selection of Greenworks electric tools. Ideal for both the environmentally conscious gardener and the efficiency-seeking landscaper, these tools are a must-have for anyone in Baton Rouge.

Among our Greenworks offerings, you’ll find the remarkable Greenworks Pro optimow 50H Robotic Lawn Mower. Designed to expertly maintain lawns of up to 3/4 acre, this fully automated mower simplifies yard maintenance. With straightforward installation, including step-by-step boundary wires, it mows your lawn according to a pre-set, programmable schedule and even charges itself when necessary. Gain full control via the GreenGuide App, allowing you to monitor and adjust settings or schedules from anywhere in the world. Safety features like integrated lifting sensors, collision sensors, and rain/frost sensors ensure worry-free operation. Despite its ability to cover large areas, the optimow 50H is highly maneuverable, and its exceptionally low operating noise means you’ll barely notice it at work.

Conveniently positioned near vibrant communities like Monticello and Greenwell Springs, Lowe’s Of N. Baton Rouge is your local hub for quality Greenworks tools. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a seasoned professional, we have the right electric tools to make your outdoor work easier and more environmentally friendly.

Visit our store at Lowe’s Of N. Baton Rouge to explore the vast array of Greenworks electric tools. Our team is ready to assist you in choosing tools that align with your outdoor maintenance needs. Check out our range of Greenworks electric tools in Louisiana and embrace a more sustainable approach to gardening and landscaping.

Your Eco-Friendly Yard Care Starts at Lowe’s Of N. Baton Rouge

Lowe’s Of N. Baton Rouge is not just a destination for hardware supplies; it’s a gateway to a greener lifestyle. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best in eco-friendly and efficient yard care solutions. From the bustling streets of Baton Rouge to the peaceful suburbs, we cater to all, ensuring easy access to Greenworks’ innovative electric tools.