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775 Ridder Park Drive

San Jose, California

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Lowes Of E. San Jose, CA

Discover Sustainable Yard Solutions at Lowe’s Of E. San Jose

San Jose, the heart of Silicon Valley, is a hub of innovation and forward-thinking. It’s only natural that residents seek advanced, sustainable solutions for their home and garden needs. At the Lowe’s store located at 775 Ridder Park Drive in East San Jose, we’re dedicated to offering these trailblazing solutions. Greenworks electric tools are at the forefront, presenting a union of robust performance and eco-conscious engineering.

Greenworks: Powering the Green Movement in San Jose

In a city that’s always on the move towards a brighter, more sustainable future, Greenworks electric tools resonate with San Jose’s ethos. These cordless wonders rival traditional gas-powered tools in strength, minus the pollution, disruptive noise, and constant upkeep. Tailor-made for San Jose’s vibrant, varied landscapes and commitment to green living!

Experience Autonomy with the optimow® 50H Robotic Lawn Mower

Welcome to the next level of lawn maintenance with the optimow® 50H Robotic Lawn Mower by Greenworks. Specifically designed for expansive areas up to 3/4 acre, this autonomous marvel requires minimal intervention once set up. Through the intuitive GreenGuide App, control and monitor your mower from anywhere, ensuring optimal lawn care even with your bustling Silicon Valley schedule. With advanced safety sensors and impressively silent operation, the optimow® 50H is the epitome of convenience and modernity in lawn care.

Lowe’s Of E. San Jose: Pioneering Greenworks Excellence

Embark on a greener, more efficient outdoor maintenance adventure with Greenworks electric tools in California at Lowe’s Of E. San Jose. Nestled at 775 Ridder Park Drive, we invite you to explore a world where cutting-edge technology meets eco-friendly practices. Dive into the Greenworks universe with us today!