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Clean and Green: Elevate Yard Care with Greenworks at Costco, Chino Hills

Costco at 13111 Peyton Dr, Chino Hills, is where landscaping artistry meets environmental responsibility, offering a premium selection of Greenworks electric tools for the eco-minded gardener.

Championing Eco-Efficiency in Chino Hills

The scenic beauty of Chino Hills is a constant reminder of the importance of eco-friendly practices. Greenworks electric mowers are a testament to this, providing residents with a powerful and efficient way to maintain their lawns in harmony with nature. Greenworks cordless trimmers and blowers are the silent warriors behind the pristine appearance of Chino Hills’ gardens, offering a quieter, cleaner, and more precise way to care for your outdoor oasis.

These tools are more than just garden equipment; they represent a commitment to Chino Hills’ environmental values, allowing you to upkeep your yard without compromising on conservation.

Introducing the Ultimate Cleaning Power

Unveiling the Greenworks 60V 3000-PSI Electric Pressure Washer, now at Costco Chino Hills. This top-of-the-line pressure washer ushers in a new age of cleaning efficiency, combining the muscle of a gas-powered washer with the quiet, clean power of electricity. With a quick push-button start and smart sensing TRUBRUSHLESS™ motor technology, it cuts through grime and dirt on any surface, from driveways to decks, with ease. It’s a powerhouse tool for your home, providing the highest cleaning performance without the emissions, all backed by a robust 10-year motor warranty. Chino Hills residents can now enjoy a spotless outdoor environment and a cleaner, greener approach to pressure washing.

Your Eco-Friendly Toolbox at Costco

At the crossroads of convenience and conscious living, Costco Chino Hills is your destination for Greenworks’ latest advancements in electric yard care tools. We are dedicated to equipping our community with sustainable solutions that keep Chino Hills looking beautiful.

Drop by to see our full lineup and transform your yard maintenance with Greenworks electric tools, making every clean-up a step toward a more sustainable California.

Explore Greenworks electric tools in California and be part of Chino Hills’ green movement with Costco’s curated selection.