Costco of Fresno - Find Electric Tools by Greenworks

Costco of Fresno - Find Electric Tools by Greenworks


Power Your Clean with Greenworks at Costco, Fresno

At 4500 W Shaw Ave, Costco Fresno is the gateway to greener, cleaner lawn care, showcasing Greenworks' advanced electric tools that deliver high performance while honoring our commitment to the environment.

Greenworks: Fresno's Partner in Eco-Friendly Maintenance

As the agrarian heart of the Central Valley, Fresno's lush landscapes call for lawn care that's respectful to our natural resources. Greenworks electric mowers, available at Costco, ensure your lawn stays verdant and trim, without the gas-powered noise or emissions. And for the finishing touches, Greenworks' cordless trimmers and blowers make it easy to keep your yard looking neat, operating quietly and efficiently.

These innovative tools help maintain the delicate balance between human activity and Fresno's rich environmental tapestry, ensuring we all do our part for California's green future.

Introducing the Ultimate Cleaning Machine

Meet the Greenworks 60V 3000-PSI Electric Pressure Washer, the most powerful residential pressure washer, now available to Fresno's discerning homeowners. This machine's robust cleaning capabilities are matched only by its eco-friendly operation. With a quick start at the push of a button and a TRUBRUSHLESS™ motor that intelligently adjusts water flow, you can tackle any cleaning task—from garden patios to vehicles—with ease. The compact design ensures it fits neatly into any space, ready for your next big clean. It's not just about power; it's about smart, sustainable power that's in line with Fresno's vision for a cleaner tomorrow.

Costco Fresno: Your Source for Sustainable Greenworks Tools

Just moments from the open spaces and community parks, Costco in Fresno is where you'll find the Greenworks tools that align with both your yard care needs and environmental values. Our selection is designed to provide Fresno's residents with the best in sustainability and efficiency.

Step into Costco Fresno for a hands-on experience with the Greenworks line-up. It's time to redefine what it means to keep your outdoor spaces clean and pristine. Check out Greenworks electric tools in California, and let's make Fresno a model city for eco-conscious living.